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Saturday, April 15, 2006

Buffets are Disgusting

I have never been a fan of buffets, from Shoneys to Golden Coral they all provide the same over or undercooked foods that make your stomach feel like a series of knots. Buffets are also an unsanitary method to eat. Imagine the amount of people who walked through that buffet before you, probing and sampling the food with their unwashed fingers. FDA studies show evidence of urine, sperm, etc in buffet food from these very same people. My brother loves buffets, in fact, he goes to buffets like it's his job. On weekends, we wake up and the first thing my brother says is "Are you guys ready to go to Shoneys?" He half way does this to pick on me and completely gross me out and he partly says this in complete seriousness because he loves the variety a buffet offers. My brother can eat 2 helpings on his own plate and finish off what the rest of us don't eat. We always tell him he has hollow legs because he never gains an ounce. Buffets completely fulfill his appetite. He fails to pay attention to all the gross potential a buffet has which I mentioned above.


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